24: A DAY WITH GOD Series Overview

A personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, transforms every part of our lives and every hour of our days. Let’s take a look at a typical 24-hour day to see how God can transform all aspects of our lives when we cultivate our faith relationship with Him.

Week Three Group Guide


Key to 24-hour Living: Focus on the real, forget the unreal.

When we get home after a day of struggle on the rugged plains of reality, we often have an unrealistic view of what the evening will hold. However, if God is not in that view, we will not only miss His will for us, but we will often end up disappointed and weary. The most important decision in making God a part of our evening is to focus on the real and forget the un-real.

We need time for relationships, entertainment, rest, and recharging ourselves. We get real in a relationship by thanking God for the other person. We get real in entertainment by making God a part of it and by choosing healthy entertainment. We get real in rest by making time for sleep and realizing we need it. We get real about recharging ourselves by starting and living a new life. An evening with God in it is the only way for the real to be ideal.

Open your group with a prayer.

This is only a guide.  Pick and choose your points.


• Why do you think God wants us to meet the needs of others first instead of our own?
• How does serving the needs of others change our relationships?
• How does being unselfish toward others change the perception of our own needs?
• What changes in our relationship with God and others when we are humble?
• What are some of the excuses that we use when failing to thank God?

Get Real:


Luke 6:31 was Jesus’ golden rule for relationships. We typically have our own rules. The “reciprocal rule” is paying back others with the same acts they give to us whether right or wrong. We have the “ricochet rule” where we give to others the same things we received from our parents and family members growing up. We also have the “hidden motives rule” where we give something only to satisfy or meet our own secret agenda. Jesus’ rule is to meet the needs of others if we want our own needs met by God. What action step will you commit to with the group to start meeting the needs of others first and transforming your life?


• Why is it common to deceive ourselves that God is not aware of our entertainment choices?
• What are some of the ways to glorify God while being refreshed with entertainment?
• How does God entertain us in many ways through his natural wonders?
• Why does God stress the importance of guarding our hearts?

Get Real:


Entertainment is like food. It is important to nourish our body with healthy food/entertainment. Junk food or simple pleasures can be alright within limits, but some is harmful or addicting. We can choose entertainment to minister to our friends and family to bring glory to God. Guard your heart above all else and ask what kinds of entertainment should be pursued in your daily life. Share this decision with your group.


• What things keep us from getting a sound sleep?
• How does making God a part of the evening help us to sleep?
• If rising up early and staying up late isn’t good for us, why do we do it?
• How does understanding God’s plan help us to sleep?

Get Real:


God designed us to need sleep, in part as a break from worry. The Bible is clear that we need the rest God designed us to have. When we elect to stay up late and rise early to serve secular goals, like making money, we are not only wearing ourselves out, but we are disobeying God’s Word. What step can you take in the coming week to get the rest you need? Ask the group to identify more passages in the Bible dealing with sleep.


• Why would Jesus need to withdraw often to secluded places to pray?
• Name some places people seek when they need to refresh and recharge?
• How can spending quiet time with God refresh and recharge a person’s soul?
• What things, other than God, do people turn to in order to find hope and joy? Why do they often fail to deliver?
• Why do many people spend more time on outward appearances than on inner strength and joy?
• How can a person recognize when God has changed his or her life? When this change happens, what will other people see?
• What does it mean to be born again in Christ?
• What does it take to live the new life Christ made possible?

Get Real:


In order to put the need to recharge into practice, a person must start a new life by accepting Christ and then live that new life according to the way Jesus demonstrated. What step do you need to take to allow God to recharge your batteries? If you haven’t accepted Christ as your Savior yet, just ask him to show you he is real and how he can change your life. If you have accepted Christ, how will you live your new life to bring glory to him and spend time with him so he can bring you peace and refill your spirit with his love? Take time to thank God that he created you for his specific purpose and that he will be there whenever you need him to recharge and refresh your soul.

Leader Notes

 • Learn how to grow stronger relationships while meeting your own needs.
 • Make God a part of your daily entertainment.
 • Learn that sleep is a part of God’s design and that we need to honor that design to stay healthy.
 • Recognize how to recharge according to God’s design for each person’s life.
 • Make God a part of every portion of your day.
• PRAY for insight as you begin to prepare for leading your group. Ask for God’s wisdom, that the Holy Spirit will be the teacher and that you will be God’s instrument to lead the group to greater understanding and a willingness to commit to becoming more like God. Prayer should be your primary source of personal preparation for leading your group.

• PLAN where you want to take your group in the next 60–90 days. Is your group strong in some areas and weak in others? How can you challenge the members to live more balanced Christian lives? Consider God’s five purposes for the church: Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, Mission and Worship, and make a plan to encourage your group members to growth and commitment in their weak areas.

PONDER your progress after each session and at the end of a series. Reflect on what went well and what didn’t. Re-evaluation is key to your growth as a leader. Consider whether your plan is being effective in moving the group to greater understanding and commitment. How are you doing with leading the discussion: is it stimulating, challenging, and meaningful? Are you able to keep the group on track? Do you need to make some changes?

This Sermon Discussion Guide is only a tool to aid you in meeting the needs of your group. For most groups there are too many questions to answer in one session together. After considering the needs of your group you may choose one of the following options:
One section of questions;
One or two questions from each section

• Feel free to adapt the format to meet the needs of your group. If your group is mature and wants to dig deeper, add Scripture and ask suitable questions. Remember that this is only a guide.

• The questions relating to the five purposes are helpful to develop balance and spiritual maturity in our lives. You can bring your group to an awareness of their needs in these areas by using these questions as a regular part of each discussion.

• Personal application is key to everyone’s growth and should be included in every discussion. When asked how he or she intends to apply a certain principle a group member may say, “I need to spend more time in the Bible and in prayer.” It is important for you to help group members make applications that are more specific and commit to a specific plan of action by asking, for example, “How are you going to begin?” An example is to get up 30 minutes earlier each morning, spending 15 minutes reading the Bible and 10 minutes in prayer. Encourage each group member to be accountable to the group for personal progress at the next meeting.

• As the leader your goal is to help bring the group into a stimulating discussion that helps the members recognize their need for personal life change. Ultimately you want them to be willing to commit to change with accountability to the group. Accountability helps us to persevere in our commitments and achieve the blessings of success.

Take a moment to review any assignments/challenges made during the personal application and commitment section of your previous meeting.  Seeing God at work in the lives of those who commit to him is essential for growth.


God wants to be involved in every part of your day. Don’t let the struggle to achieve your ideal day get in the way of enjoying the real life God has planned for you. Think about how you can bring God into the morning, work day, and evening of your life. Decide which area you need to allow God to transform the most, then give it to him as an offering as stated in Romans 12:1. Don’t overburden yourselves by trying to do it all at once. Just pick one time of the day, give it to God, and watch how your
life changes.
Let Jesus be the model of how to live your life each day. He has already done all the work required for you to have a new life. All you have to do is open the door, invite him in, and let him guide how you live your life 24 hours a day.