Class 1: Base Camp

Class 1: Base Camp is designed to help you get connected to Jesus and to Rock Springs. Since we attract members from various backgrounds, we want to clearly explain who and what our church is.

Class 2: Survival Skills

If you have completed Class 1: Base Camp, it’s time to take the next step and work on some of the skills needed for the journey. Everyone who has committed to membership at Rock Springs is encouraged to attend.

Class 3: The Summit

If you have completed Class 1: Base Camp and Class 2: Survival Skills, the next step in the Life Development process is Class 3: The Summit. In Class 3, you will discover how God shaped YOU to make a difference!

Class 4: Search & Rescue

If the Life Development Classes and the commitments we make in those classes are like the bases in a baseball game, then Class 4: Search & Rescue is a home run!

If you have completed…

Class 1: Base Camp (and committed to Jesus and the RS family)


Class 2: Survival Skills (and committed to a daily time with God, a weekly tithe to God 

and a committed team for God)


Class 3: The Summit (and committed to using your SHAPE in ministry thru RS)

Now you are ready to be an All-Star Rock Springer!

During our time together we will show you how to confidently share the hope you have in Jesus, how to become a world-class Christ-follower, and you’ll be challenged to become an agent of PEACE.