February 14, 2016 — The God You’re Looking For: The God Who Is Unchanging

Are you looking for God?

I mean, the God who can really make a difference in your life?

Have you already found God… but are disappointed?

Well, the God you’re looking for is head-over-heels in love with you!

But in order to find God, you’ll first need to put aside the fears, lies and misconceptions you’ve collected about who God really is.

Understanding the true personality and nature of God can make ordinary people extraordinary and weak people strong.

At the start of 2016, you can get know the God you’re looking for —

A God who knows your every thought, who is always gracious, and who always guides you. A God who feels your joy & sadness…a God who doesn’t stop giving…a God who has your life in His loving hands.

New series starts on January 3rd…The God You’re Looking For

February 14, 2016 Outline