July 18, 2021 — Living in the Goodness of God: Getting God’s Good Guidance

Message Outline: https://bit.ly/3ihNkT9

Discussion Guide: https://bit.ly/3dSSF1T

Throughout history, many successful men and women are described as having God’s favor — but what does that mean? Are you His favorite? Am I? Does it mean that we get special treatment and benefits that others don’t get? 

What if it’s not that, at all? What if God’s goodness and favor toward us aren’t based on our performance — but on what Jesus already did for us? 

During the summer of 2021, let’s learn how to have God’s favor on our lives by trusting him. Let’s discover how God’s goodness is the answer to worry, regret, indecision, emotional pain, and fear. Let’s dive into the 12 expressions of God’s goodness taught through the 23rd Psalm.